Contact Lens Fittings

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Contact Lens Fittings

Let our doctors at Eastgate Optometrycare help you find the right contact lenses for your active lifestyle. Our practice believe that you can have a love hate relationship with your contacts, that is why we allow three months of contract trialing. You get to test drive different contact brands until you find one that you are happy with before you commit to a year’s supply of contacts. Our doctors are versed in difficult to fit contacts such as keratoconus contact lenses, orthokeratology/ corneal reshaping lenses, bifocal rgp lenses, and many others. We believe that each patient’s eye is different and not all standard contact lenses fit every individual, therefore we take that extra step to follow up on your contact lens experience.

Two Complete Pairs of Eyeglasses for $99 or Eye Exam and One Complete Pair of Eyeglasses for $99

Complete pair of eyeglasses includes frames and lenses. Must choose from our special new and trendy collection. Package includes plastic lenses up to +/- 4D. Lens upgrades available. Cannot be combined with insurances and other promotion or sales. Restrictions apply. Please see our sales associate for details.

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Yelp Review
"the person that answered took his time to answer my questions. I'm glad that I went because the doctor was great and the glasses were reasonably priced and the facility was clean and new. Love my new glasses and I will definitely be going back.", Curly A.